Not far from a Robotech world vision??

Hi everyone,
I just found on this video on Youtube about a robot machine gun called Kuratas like in some mangas I have seen (Robotech, Evangelion, etc…) for the manga geeks like me..

I laughed first and then not anymore…

While people are starving and dying in poor living conditions every single second, we have the japanese company SUIDOBASHI in partnership with the artist Kogoro Kurata that decided to design a war robot, featuring a smile killing function. Isn’t it funny???

I smile, you die, hahahah…

It was presented at the wonder festival 2012. And well, a channel on Youtube, with a young and beautiful woman, advertising the BEAUTIFUL features of this machine that can be controlled with a smartphone, how geek is that!! Well done, what a revolution..

I thought we would have seen cyborgs first but no, first we will have the mechas, running wild on a deserted planet… I do LOVE mangas but please come back to down-to-earth reality.


Apocalypse Now

The end of our world has been foreseen so many times by so many religions and/or people…

We are still here expecting the end and I think I am not going too ahead  if I say that it is scheduled to occur end of 2012 or just in case I will say beginning of next year in 2013 :-)So I decided to look for a picture on the net that would represent the kind of apocalypse I had in mind. By no means was I looking for a specific creative community. I was surprised to find both artists on Behance and I found out the incredible work of Nicolas Toro and his personal vision of what the end would look like.

James Sparkes got two photos with this thematic. My favourite one is simply called “Life After People”.

What do you think?

Youseemii vs. your Online Reputation

Youseemii, a French company, specialized in E-Reputation or “Heart of digital identity” is helping out brands and companies brands to find out the state of their digital identity on a worldwide scale. Youseemii algorithm releases real-time results. An information dashboard will show what your visibility is: ANYWHERE on the net!


Youseemii was born in 2009 and operative since 2010 by Alexandre Lalande and Sandrine Serre. You can follow them respectively on Twitter @alexmii and @sandrineserre

Last year the company gained a 300 000 euros roundtable from Business Angels . Thanks to this funding, Youseemii team will have the means to accelerate and consolidate its free version, before introducing new services, including its paid version that offers more indicators for a more detailed analysis. The premium version will also offer a track record to monitor indicators over time, because the software currently offers a glimpse at a given time. So stay tune to the next Youseemii generation!

Madam Butterfly

I fell in love with art since I was old enough to appreciate its beauty. There are many different forms of art and expression so the list of things I like is various and depends on my mood. Lately I was inspired by the work of Pjotr Sapegin who did an animated short inspired by the opera Madam Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini.

This short produced back in 2001 and called Aria was awarded as best animated short by Tickleboots best online videos 2006 and Best short film Norway 2002, won Grand Prix in Odense International Film Festival 2002 and won the audience award in Århus Film Festival 2002.

The original version you can watch it on this link and there is also  another version with music added by Lagatek. It was this masterpiece with this edited music that impressed me the most. So shout out to Lagatek for its great work posted in 2007.

The end of $$$ slavery?

Hi to anyone who will be reading this post!

I cross browsed the web and found a new online community with a great GOAL: get rid of our society system based on $$$, pasta, fric et j’en passe… This new player, called pickabit (with its 1st beta version), is the only e-commerce site on the Internet that enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to buy and sell almost anything – without banks, credit cards, and other such  headaches.

Logo Pickabit

SO are we going to see a revolution happening in the near (more long-term right…) future? Just stop a second and imagine a life where you can go by, finding any kind of products, services for its real value: yourself and your amazing skills! And whenever you need to get on with your own goals from delivering outstanding artwork pieces to defying marketing strategies for your online business sounds good right?

Is it utopia or a soon-to-be proven reality? Whatever will be coming next, it is nice and refreshing to find out that people out there want to thrive on the basis of mutual trust, respect, honesty, and integrity. It also explains the fact that your identity is verified through your cell phone number before you can start trading. Unlike what our contemporary world is based on: where you come from and what is your background, etc… an endless topic I won’t start with right now 😉 or I will call it a novel), pickabit philosophy is simply to get rid of banks and those based on GREED, that in so many ways are ruining people lives. I love their explanation about the bit unit: the bit unit is pickabit’s unit of value and items, is non-convertible, and is inflation proof.

The message is plain and straightforward: we people are neither consumable nor can’t we be devaluated as individuals.

Now about the website, I like the logo and the colours used but I am not totally convinced by the font type and the Pickabit Members presentation. Surfing on the web, doing my little investigation, I found out that the company launch was either 2010 or 2011 with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. And the working force is from all over the world. I am happy to share this with anybody on the look for something that stands out!

Convozine DNA Profiling

Today I want to talk about a great website that I found out through ExistentiARTism, a zine about ART in general by Marianna. I got clearly not a lot of time 😦 to blog as much as I would like to… And so few people read the few posts I managed to do, I am considering two options:

1/ Use the usual tricks to “attract and maintain my audience through marketing, advertising and multiple posts every week, I have no chances to get a kind of audience. I know I could be using what is available on the net to post automatically every two seconds something and then gain traffic at some point. But I feel it will be vain and especially annoying. I don’t want to be perceived as a robot-like blog. I DO want to get feedbacks and people following me that is for sure 😉

2/ Use Convozine that thanks to Marianna, I got to discover an easy-to-use social platform that already has almost 15K zines running since its launch in January 2011. The Convozine network is an interconnected web of high value content via a constantly growing marketplace for novel zines. The specialties are digital media, social platforms, communities, publishing and curation. Anyone can share stories, photos, video, essays and links across thousands of zines. You can start a zine in minutes for any theme, event or community. Zine editors can craft branded zine experiences, and build community around distinct themes and ideas. Zine editors approve submissions and decide promotions, features and awards. Convozine enables groups and communities to organize and explore their creative vision. Convozine’s team is doing a great job in San Francisco and was co-founded by Joseph Yen and Maurice Woods.

The creative publishing network

The creative publishing network has offices in San Francisco and New York.

I invite you to have a look at their forum for support if you’re one click away to create your own zine. For background information, the Convozine project probaly sprung around 2009-2010 (my personal guess) and the website was first registered in April 2010. Then the founders went on a cruise to fundraising. Ramsey Homsany and Joseph Yen managed to get $50K in seed round (check Buzzsparks for infos). Convozine was born to our delight 🙂

Amazing work Tyshea!

Hey guys,

One of the thing I most love is art, any kind of arts! I am a keen admirer of photography, drawing and painting. Right now I am totally into drawings and while surfing on the net, I found this amazing person called Tyshea on Deviantart. Got my mind once again blown away by the quality and  all the details of pure hard work put into action by a free creative spirit by this pic just right here.

Streetwear Hoodie

When I saw it, I just thought it would be a great streetwear jumper for me 😉

We all are made of flesh and bones…. It is also a good reminder of that we all are going to stop breathing one of those days. Life is short so enjoy what you do everyday when you wake up. If you’re not quite there yet, hope is your best friend so do not give up your dreams.

Right now, Tyshea is busy preparing a comic book called Picture This with the collaboration of Aibi-Cake so good luck to them both!

Comic about Girl Love